Expandable Halfpage

What’s this?
Get those ads booming! The expandable HalfPage Ad is a flash banner that extends over a portion of the website, usually at eye-level, to deliver the message within.

The benefits
By cutting into the viewing path and covering the site content momentarily, the viewer’s attention is focused on the expandable HalfPage Ad. The nature and dimensions of the ad allows ample creativity in execution so advertisers are able to flaunt their product or services in innovative manners that will leave deep imprints on viewers’ minds.

Ad Mechanism:
1. Upon page-load, the ad unit appears in its collapsed form on the right of the page.
2. The Halfpage will expand sidewards upon click. The expanded ad unit will revert to its collapse form as a Halfpage upon clicking the “Close” button.
Applicable ONLY to ads with video:
1. The ad unit will remain in its expanded form until the entire video has finished playing.
2. Clicking the “Close” button on the expanded unit stops the ad at any point and reverts it to its collapse form as a leaderboard.
3. The video will restart each time the expanded unit is opened.
4. For ads with video, the expanded unit will not auto-close after video ends.





Dimensions Collapsed 300 pixels (width) by 600 pixels (height)
Expanded 600 pixels (width) by 600 pixels (height)
File Format HTML5 Banner and/ or Static JPG/GIF
File Size 800kb (Including HTML, Javascript, CSS and all images)
Links Allowed Multiple
Positioning of Links Allowed on all visible areas of the expanded unit excluding buttons and video(if any)
Animation Collapsed (Leaderboard) Max. 15 Sec per loop
Expanded Max. 30 sec; NO looping allowed
Buttons requirements “Close” button must be clearly labeled, with Arial font type, size of at least 8pts.
ClickTag Please refer to https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2672517?hl=en
Backup Image 300 pixels (width) by 600 pixels (height), not more than 40kb.
Video (if applicable) Duration Max. length 30 sec
File Size Max. 2MB (Video file only)
Format MP4 H.264
Control buttons (Play, Pause, Stop) To be placed on ALL frames of the ad
Sound (if applicable) “Audio ON/OFF” Button to be clearly labelled with Sound OFF by default
Buttons to be positioned on ALL frames of the ad
Assets Required(For Pure Media Buy) All Fonts, videos & sound clips used for the creatives.
Mock-ups of artwork must be submitted 12 working days before launch date for pre-approval by HWZ
Other Requirements Enabler is needed for HTML5 banner serving with DoubleClick. Please refer tohttps://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2672553?hl=en&ref_topic=4525889
Lead Time (For Pure Media Buy) 5 working days prior to broadcast7 working days prior to broadcast for ads with video or with any special requirements
Disclaimers & Notes:
1. Any element NOT meeting the stated specifications will be returned for revision; in which case, there might be a possible delay in the expected launch date.
2. All ad specifications stated indicate the maximum file size allowed. Exceeding the allowed limit stated might incur additional charges.
3. Publisher reserves the right to reject any creatives that do not adhere to the specifications stated.
4. Submission of creatives should adhere strictly to the lead time stated. Any delay might result in a possible delay in the expected launch date.
5. The above specifications may be modified at the Publisher’s discretion at any time.