About CLEO

The must-read magazine for young, fun-loving, spirited Singaporean women who are always looking for ideas, ready to discover and wanting to learn.

CLEO Singapore Launched in 1994, the Singapore edition of CLEO is the leading magazine for the twenty-something Asian woman. Readers don´t just flick through CLEO – they devour it! Aimed at spirited and spontaneous young women with discretionary spending power, CLEO is the “road map” for young people confronting the first major decisions of their lives.

Launched in 1995, CLEO Malaysia shot to the top slot as Malaysia´s best-selling, English-language women´s title within three years. A friend and mentor to readers, CLEO is about confidence, naturalness, energy and fun.

CLEO Indonesia
CLEO Indonesia was launched in 2007 as an international license under the Femmina Group. CLEO maintains its focus on Cool, Liberated, Energetic, and Optimistic young ladies. It is also a guide for women who are concerned about their fashion, beauty, lifestyle, career, and relationship. CLEO gives it all in one full-of-fun and complete package. CLEO sp
eaks to independent women age 20-30 years old with primary audience 25-29 years old. Its readers are highly aspiring, style & beauty conscious, outspoken, confident and open minded, and affluent.

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