Advertising Guidelines


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These guidelines apply to all advertisements appearing on

  1. Harper’s Bazaar – www.harpersbazaar.com.sg
  2. CLEO – www.cleo.com.sg
  3. The Singapore Women’s Weekly – www.womensweekly.com.sg

(collectively, the “SPHM Properties”).

Please see advertising.sphm.com.sg for more information on technical specifications, including those regarding rich media and animation for specific advertising units on the SPHM Properties.

These guidelines are not intended as legal advice. These guidelines are a general statement of SPHM’s advertising standards and are not intended to be comprehensive. Adherence to these guidelines (a) does not guarantee acceptance of advertising content for insertion on the SPHM Properties, (b) does not mean compliance with laws and regulations. SPHM encourages each advertiser and its agency to consult with its legal advisors to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to their advertisements before seeking to advertise on the SPHM Properties.

Advertiser Responsibilities

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • All advertisements it seeks to place on the SPHM Properties comply with all the guidelines, applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice;
  • All claims, warranties, guarantees, or other assurances comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • The sponsor of any advertising message appearing on the SPHM Properties is clearly identified either in the ad itself or, if the ad is smaller than 100×50 button, on the resulting first level jump page;
  • Offers including in any advertising message include all material terms that an ordinary person would require in making an informed decision about whether to purchase the product or service being offered;
  • The advertisements do not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • All descriptions, claims and comparisons made in an advertisement can be substantiated;
  • Users are not deceived into providing personal information without the user’s knowledge, under false pretences, or to companies who trade, barter, resell or otherwise misuse that personal information; and
  • Users are not misled or deceived into downloading software, malware/spyware, and/or applications.

SPHM’s Rights

SPHM reserves the right, but is not under any obligation, to:

  • Review or request changes to any advertisement scheduled for insertion on the SPHM Properties;
  • Accept, retract, or reject, at any time, any advertisement submitted for placement on the SPHM Properties in its sole discretion, whether on the basis of these guidelines, advertising format, targeting criteria, or any other reason;
  • Review any advertisement to determine the appropriateness of the advertisement for the SPHM Properties audience; and
  • Modify these guidelines on the SPHM Properties at any time without notice.

Specifically, SPHM reserves the right to reject or retract, at any time, any advertisement deemed, in SPHM’s sole opinion, to:

  • be illegal, indecent, misleading, deceptive, false or untrue;
  • promote or glorify violence, crime, obscenity, the use of weapons or provide instructions on how to “get away” with crimes or unlawful activity;
  • stereotype, inaccurately portray or attack an individual or group on the basis of age, colour, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or handicap or which may raise discontent or disaffection amongst local citizens and residents, or promote feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the local population;
  • be offensive, or disturbing to SPHM Properties’ users, or which is likely to cause outrage, general disapproval, or negative opinion within the community;
  • portray minors (or persons who, in  SPHM Properties opinion, appear to be underage) in a manner that is sexually suggestive or otherwise age-inappropriate;
  • infringe the intellectual property, right of publicity or any related rights of  SPHM Properties or any third parties;
  • promote  SPHM Properties competitors; or
  • promote products, services or activities contrary to SPHM Properties competitive position or interests.

General Content Standards

  • Advertisements must have distinct borders to clearly demarcate its content.
  • Animation shall not exceed 15 seconds unless otherwise stated under the respective advertisement unit’s advertisement specifications. Animation can begin again on mouse over, but must stop immediately on mouse off.
  • The sponsor of the advertising message must be clearly identified in the advertisement.
  • The advertiser’s landing page must match the offer made in the advertisement.
  • The ad unit and landing page must have detailed disclosures as appropriate; in particular, full terms and conditions of the offer must be easily accessible on the landing page.

Creatives shall not:

  • Mislead the user.  For example, they may not mimic or resemble Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes, error messages, or the like.
  • Use ‘bait’ and ‘switch’ tactics, i.e. advertising that promotes an unavailable product or price as a mean of luring the user into purchasing a different product.
  • Display false functionality, i.e. contain graphics that simulate interactivity where no such interactivity exists.
  • Resemble  SPHM Properties’ content, or use the SPHM Properties’ name or logo without prior approval.
  • Mimic news headlines in design, tone, third person sentence structure, or topic

Subjective Content

  • Astrology, Horoscopes, Psychic Services or other related services
    • Creative must clearly state that the service is for entertainment purposes only
    • Creative cannot imply that there is any scientific grounding to such services and/or promises of wealth or good fortune
  • Contests, Sweepstakes, Lotteries & Games of Chance
    • Advertisements concerning lotteries, except for the lawful advertising by Singapore Pools, are prohibited.
    • All promotions must offer a fair opportunity for all entrants to win and comply with applicable laws
    • Promotions cannot claim ‘everyone wins’, or suggest that the reader was specially selected to receive a prize
    • Promotions cannot suggest that a payment by the winner is necessary to claim a prize (except for applicable taxes)
    • Promotions may not offer additional entries, prizes, bonus points, cash or other incentives to users in exchange for the user forwarding messages to friends and acquaintances
    • Advertisements may not falsely imply that the mere act of clicking a button is sufficient to win (e.g. ‘Win a car! Click here!’)
  • Dietary (Health) Supplements
    • Health supplements must not be advertised or promoted for any specific medicinal purposes
    • Products containing banned ingredients in Singapore are not permitted.
  • Education
    • Advertisements cannot offer ‘life experiences’ degrees or degrees for sale
  • Food
    • Advertisements for food products must comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding definitions/restrictions on food-related descriptive words
  • ‘Free’ Claims
    • Advertisements offering ‘free’ items must disclose all material terms and conditions for obtaining the free item; in particular, advertisements which claim to offer ‘free gifts’ which in fact require the user to sign up for one or more offers, trial subscriptions, etc., must disclose how many offers the user must complete before receiving the gift.
  • Over The Counter (‘OTC’) Medications
    • Advertisements must be for products approved by the relevant regulatory agencies such as the Health Sciences Authority, and only for approved purposes (i.e. no advertising for ‘off label’ uses of an OTC product)

The following categories of advertisements require additional policy review and approval:

Alcohol, Contests, Sweepstakes, Lotteries and Games of Chance, Data-Collecting Advertisements, Political, Religious, Pharmaceutical/Prescription Drugs, and any other categories as may be designated by SPHM Properties

 SPHM Properties does not accept advertisements for the following products/services:

Adult products (films, magazines, websites, toys, etc), Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia, online casinos, gambling portals, gambling educational sites, degrees for sale or offered by non-accredited universities or programs, firearms, loan products which requires upfront fees, products/services that claim to repair bad credit, securities (stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, options, etc), insider tips on a particular stock or commodity, products containing ephedra, ma huang, chitosan, human growth hormone, comfrey, or pyruvate, or another products/elements/ingredients as may be designated by  SPHM Properties at any time in its sole discretion.